What Is Causing the Bitcoin Price to Spike?

Bitcoins keep appearing in the news. With each new news story revealing more about its future, the value of this virtual currency rises. However, with any other virtual currency, such as the US dollar, people tend to be wary of changing their money. With a large number of people doubting the future of this virtual currency, many businesses have decided to accept only cash for the goods and services they offer. While this is a perfectly legitimate method of conducting business, it limits an individual’s spending power and prevents them from receiving all of the goods they purchase.

This Bitcoin price trend became noticeable a few months ago. At the time of this writing, the value of one British pound was worth approximately three US dollars. As of July, the value of one US dollar was equivalent to sixty-five cents. Clearly, the trend is not going away anytime soon. In countries that already accept it as a legal form of payment, such as the United Kingdom, you can purchase clothes and groceries as usual. But for merchants in countries which do not, like the United States, it can seem difficult to conduct business without using this virtual money.

While many economists do not believe that the price of one British pound will continue to increase, others are more bullish about this prospect. They point to the growth of bitcoins over the past six months as evidence that investors are welcoming the opportunity to get in on this type of investing. The growth came to a level which caused the virtual currency to overtake the US dollar as the most popular form of purchasing items in the country. While many traders and buyers expect this trend to continue, there is one major benefit of the recent rise in bitcoins that no investor or trader seems to be aware of. This benefit is the ability to transfer the value of one currency to another within the same network, called a “peer to peer transaction.”

When you exchange currencies, whether you are using the British pound or the dollar, you are actually conducting two different transactions, with two different parties. These two parties could be in different locations, or they could be different people, or they could be different companies. Because the transaction is two separate ones, it requires the presence of two forms of infrastructure: a physical location where the transactions take place and a network of computers throughout the world that allow for the storage and safe transfer of information during the transaction. With the advent of the bitcoin network, all of this unnecessary infrastructure was removed, freeing up the typical person to do one simple transaction directly between his or her own local currency and a foreign currency. Before investing, you can check more at https://www.webull.com/newslist/ccc-btcusd.


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