The Who and Why of the Top Ten Social Media Sites

It’s hard to believe, but email is starting to become a thing of the past. Social Networks are continuing to dominate online communication. Why spend time attaching a photo in essay help reddit an email when you could just post it to your Facebook page? Why have an email address when you can have your own personal URL? Why email one customer about your businesses promotions when you could tell thousands at once?

Why? Why? and more Why’s? The list goes on and when you think hard you may start to wonder…dare I say it…Why even use email? While that question may be a stretch now, soon enough it might be a question you find yourself asking others. Statistics show that Facebook is by far the most popular service for sharing content online. 24% of all content being shared is through Facebook. That easily towers over email’s 11.1%. Even Twitter, which was only started 3 years ago, is as popular of a sharing service as Email.

My point is, if your not in the loop, jump in! You may ask yourself, am I too far behind? or am I too old to start sharing on social platforms? or will the whole world constantly be tracking me? The answer is No. Social media can be utilized by all age groups and you can personally choose what you want to share and who you want to share it with. Below is a list of the top 10 social media sites that I suggest using and why.

Who? Facebook

Why? With over 250 million users, Facebook can connect you to pretty much anybody or anything. Use Facebook to get in touch with friends from all over the world and stay up-to-date on their lives. Also promote your business and brand using Facebook Pages to engaging with “fans” and showcasing resourceful updates on your wall. If you’re already familiar with Facebook, I suggest diving into many of the advanced features and functions Facebook offers, as they can surely help you gain an even larger presence for yourself or your business. Start with these Facebook Essentials and then check out these tips on Facebook Fan Pages.

Who? Twitter

Why? “Nice to Tweet you!” is becoming a common phrase these days. Twitter has absorbed close to 10% of all content shared online. Using Twitter to engage with others and provide frequent updates about your life and business can prove to be extremely beneficial. For example, let customers know via Twitter that you just opened a new office, or discounted product, even share a new home for sale. But don’t forget to interact with others…this is not a one way communication tool. If used correctly, Twitter can get you networking with large amounts of people…quickly! For more info, see great tips on how to build a following on Twitter or read about using Twitter to grow your business.

Who? StumbleUpon

Why? Known best for its “Stumble Tool Bar” which leads you around the web, StumbleUpon is great for discovering websites and sharing them amongst the community. Use StumbleUpon to find websites you never knew existed that may be useful to you. Also use stumble upon to add and promote web pages that the community can rate and review while stumbling the web. The more ratings a web page gets, the more likely StumbleUpon will send traffic in the form of new Stumblers. For more StumbleUpon tips check out Writing from StumbleUpon & How to build traffic with StumbleUpon.

Who? Digg

Why? Similar to StumbleUpon, is a social news site that gives users the chance to share any kind of web content by submitting websites that people can vote on or “digg”. Digg can be used to promote your website or blog postings by submitting it to the community and if enough users happens to digg your site, the traffic will flood in. Read more on how to use Digg to generate traffic to your site.

Who? YouTube

Why? Now I know everyone has heard of YouTube…so no need to reiterate that its the best place to upload, share, discover, and view videos. However, if you’re trying to promote yourself or a company, video is the way to go. Now, it’s becoming a necessity to have a web video for your business, local area etc. For more information, start with these tips on promoting your brand or business on YouTube.

Who? LinkedIn

Why? Use LinkedIn for professional networking purposes. With over 170 different industries covered and over 40 million individuals signed up, LinkedIn is an awesome place for making contacts. It is also a great social network for recommending job seekers to employers through the use of your LinkedIn contact list. For more info, read this list of 7 great tips for LinkedIn beginners.

Who? YahooBuzz

Why? Lately Yahoo Buzz is generating a lot of buzz of its own. Link up to everyone! Yahoo buzz allows you to publish news online and link your story to many other websites. Vote, share, and comment on stories to generate buzz around them & they will gain more traction on the site. You can also use the Yahoo Buzz button to promote your Stories on the web. Here is more on using and installing the Yahoo Buzz button and some quick Yahoo Buzz tips.

Who? Reddit

Why? Use Reddit to get user rated news from all over the web. You can search using keywords to find news on the subject of your choice. As a social news site, Reddit also allows you to post news stories that can then get rated by the Reddit community & gain exposure. For more explanation, read how to use Reddit to generate traffic to your site.

Who? ActiveRain

Why? ActiveRain has become the most popular social network for Realtors to interact. ActiveRain aActiveRainLogollows real estate agents and others in the real estate industry to create a profile and share stories with the rest of the community. ActiveRain has over 150,000 professionals as of now. If you are a real estate agent and don’t have a profile on ActiveRain, trust me, you want to get one started! To learn more, start with the official ActiveRain Guide.

With Social Media on the rise, getting connected through different social media networks is a must. Connecting and sharing with others online will improve your chances to grow your business, grow your own online presence and even your trust. I suggest starting on or improving on the social platforms above. Get Going with these 50 do-it-yourself marketing ideas for your business.

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