Should You Use Tons Of Graphics On Your Sales Page?

Many sales pages are filled with fantastic graphics that make the page look like it was created by one of the best graphic designers salepage in the world. Really cool bullet points. Pictures of amazed customers. Flashy arrows pointing all over the place. Eye catching boxes that dazzle.

But be careful. If people lose sight of your product, and more importantly how it can benefit, them, you’ll do nothing but entertain them. It’s been said (over and over again by many people) that the purpose of every single word on your sales page is to get you to read the next word.

Well, maybe.

Imagine a really killer sales page. Beautiful graphics. An attention grabbing headline that leads you right into the text. You stop along the way to ooh and ahh at all the snappy graphics. You get to the bottom, and think to yourself, “Wow! That was fantastic!” And then you click the back button without buying a thing.

Did the sales page do its job?

Of course not.

The only purpose of a sales page is to sell stuff. Duh.

Sure, if you can increase sales by putting some graphics on there to help get your message across, then by all means.

But if your text is so boring that people will click off without having some eye popping colors and shapes to keep them interested, you’re not going to get a lot of sales.

No matter what you put on your sales page, it should increase your sales. Text. Headlines, pictures, Johnson boxes, peanut butter, whatever. If it increases your sales, keep it. If it doesn’t, get rid of it.

How can you tell? Testing. If you’ve got a sales page with tons of graphics, try this out.

Create another page, just like the one you’ve got now, except take away all the graphics. Run a split test and see what happens.

Then play around with taking away certain elements. It doesn’t really if you’re got pure text, or pure pictures. Whatever gives you the highest percentage of conversions.

Many people make the mistake of assuming that because other sales pages have tons of graphics, then yours should too. So long as it’s working, keep them.

But sometimes graphics can distract from the message. Every thing should be designed to increase the value of your product as much as possible. Give the reader the best feeling about your product.

If you put too many killer graphics on there, they might be entertained, they might get a good feeling, but they might not associate it with your product. They’ll just see your sales page as one of a million other entertaining web pages out there.


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