How to play Russian poker – game rules

Russian poker is viral in casinos, thanks to its features and simple rules. Russian poker is played with a deck of 52 cards without jokers, and, as a rule, against the dealer. As in other types of poker, the goal of the game is to make combinations of 5 cards. The one whose combination is the highest wins.

Russian poker rules

Although there are four boxes (seats) at the GAMEPLANVIDEO in Russian poker, usually only one person plays against the dealer. More experienced players can play on two or more boxes at once.

Before each new deal, the player is obliged to place a mandatory bet – ante (ante), after which the dealer deals five cards in the dark (face up) to the player and 5 for himself, and he puts his first card in the open (front down). Thus, the player receives more information than the dealer and has the right to do one of the following:

  1. Discard cards in a pass. Distribution stops, and the player loses ante along with all the bets that he made.
  2. Place a bet, the size of which is equal to two ante. After that, the player-dealer combinations are compared.
  3. Buy the sixth card by paying one ante for this action.
  4. Exchange card/cards. For such an action, you will need to pay one ante, and you can change both one card and all at once.

If the player passes, the distribution stops, and he loses all his bets. If he bought a sixth card or made an exchange, then he again must make a choice: discard cards or make a bet. If a player makes a bet, then there are three options for completing the distribution:

  1. Dealer cards did not form a combination. In this case, the player wins, regardless of his cards and combinations, but only the antes are paid to him.
  2. Dealer cards formed a combination. Then the maps of the player and the dealer are compared. If the dealer combination is older, then the player loses all bets and antes. If the player’s combination is more former, then he is paid a certain number of chances, according to the payout table of wins (below). Antes are not paid.

Double poker hand

One of the main features of Russian poker is the ability to collect two combinations at once, and according to the rules, both can be paid according to the payout table of winnings.


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