Above Ground Pool Cleaning

While pleasure in owning a pool is justifiable, real pleasure comes from  https://www.westernjanitorial.com/ owning a pool that is always clean and safe to swim in. Above ground pool cleaning should be strictly adhered to and a proper pool maintenance schedule followed.

Above ground pool cleaning involves checking the chlorine level daily without fail. When the chlorine level in the pool drops the algae starts to sprout; algae are disgustingly slimy and very difficult to get rid of. Surface cleaning does not help because once the algae takes root it needs to be killed at the root to be gotten rid off.

Maintaining the right chlorine level for above ground pools is not very difficult; all you need to do is buy the floating canisters of chlorine that the departmental stores sell. You will find what you need in the pool section of the store or you can try your neighborhood drug store. These canisters are maintenance free and hassle free to boot. Poke a hole in the vent at the top of the canister and then find the other hole; the canisters have two holes one on either side. You can poke a hole using a nail or some other sharp object, once this is done, simply drop the canister into the pool. One canister usually lasts anywhere up to 3-4 weeks; when the chlorine runs out it will float on its side. Keep tabs on it and replace when empty.

You can use a skimmer basket or net to clean up fallen leaves and other debris every day or at least once a week. It depends on how often you use the pool. If you only plan on using the pool on weekends, it may be worthwhile to invest in a solar cover for your pool. Above ground pool cleaning becomes a whole lot easier if the pool is covered when not in use. Solar covers have specially designed bubbles that attract heat, if you cover your pool the whole day, when you jump in at the end of a long day, you will have a naturally warmed pool to laze around in.

Above ground pool cleaning involves getting out the pool vacuum every so often to clean up the dirt from the bottom of the pool. You can run the vacuum around the pool in overlapping, parallels sweeps once or twice a week. Gently work it around the edges of the pools as well. If you maintain a regular above ground pool cleaning schedule, getting your pool ready will take no more than 30 minute tops.


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